Eulogy for my father

Several people asked me if I would post the eulogy I read at my father's funeral.
Here it is with a little of the preamble....

I'm an artist and really a collage artist at heart.  So here I poached bits and pieces, fragments and shards from mostly (but not exclusively) anonymous sources, but also messages, emails, notes I received.   These were my materials.

I return, not to how my father died, but how he lived

Not what was gained, but what given

as units of measure
these tell me,
confirm for me
A life well-lived

Kindnesses, advice, joy and tears

Pride, concern, laughter
and sorrow and disappointment too

(That too is human stuff.)

An offer, A helping hand, a remembrance, a story
So many stories

Friendships, caring, baseball games, cups of coffee

A ride, a look, encouragement,
The steadied ground underfoot

A measure of a life is a
measure of love and respect

as units to measure
these tell me,

these confirm for me

A life well-lived

My father's life,